Technology Strategy

Small businesses make prime targets for cybercriminals, competitors and disgruntled parties. Yet, due to their lack of resources, small businesses have the least-protected websites, accounts and network systems, making cyberattacks a relatively easy job. We used newest strategy and talented professionals dedicated to finding innovative ways to deliver better business outcomes. We utilize our deep knowledge base to help organizations solve business challenges, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency by devising, recommending, and deploying business-aligned technology solutions.

Wireless LAN Connection

Business Problem

Wireless LAN connections, which are fast and efficient but still vulnerable to attacks from outside parties.

Our Solution

Provide central control for your WLAN, giving you more authority to monitor and protect your network. Attackers can make their way into an unprotected WLAN, but Wi-Fi Inspector examines traffic and clients, guarding against abnormal activity and detecting unauthorized access points.

Software Patches

Business Problem

Malware, Malicious attackers (Internal & external), Software update for endpoint and POS systems.

Our Solution

Shield apps from malware-infected devices; to all your Endpoint to automatically prevent malware from entering networks. Protect your computers, mobile devices, USB drives, networks and servers.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Patch Management for all your servers and devices.

Employees Data Privacy and Company Data Protection.

Free antivirus, free and paid SSL certificates, free internet security, firewall protection, security for POS systems, and many other services.