Security Awareness & Training

Cybersecurity starts from the inside. A business can implement all sorts of cybersecurity measures, but if its employees don't get training to avoid traps like phishing, cyberattacks are just a few clicks away. We will help business identify risk areas and how malicious attackers can exploit vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to infrastructures. We will provide security awareness online and onsite training using social engineering risk assessments.

Security Awareness Training

Business Needs

Ransomware, Phishing, Vishing, and unattended Computer or Laptop.

Our Solution

Provide central control for your WLAN, giving you more authority to monitor and protect your network. Attackers can make their way into an unprotected WLAN, but Wi-Fi Inspector examines traffic and clients, guarding against abnormal activity and detecting unauthorized access points.

Data loss and Data Leakage

Business Need

Company data, Customer and Employee PII, ePHI and PCI Data Protection leakage will destroy will business.

FAST Solution

First Securely backs up to the cloud, rather than just to an in-office server or external drive. This way even an office-destroying disaster can’t reach your data.

Second, it backs up every thirty minutes instead of just once a day. In the old “once-a-day” world you could find yourself losing a day’s worth of work if disaster struck.

Using FASTplan Data Loss Protection you can reduce the total amount of work you can lose in the event of a digital disaster from 24 hours down to just 30 minutes. Is reducing the risk to your data from 24 hours to 30 minutes (a 97% reduction) worth $25 dollars a month?